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Unwind & Learn New Skills with Adult Art Classes in Leamington Spa by Arty Panda

At Arty Panda, we believe that everyone is creative, and everyone is an artist in the making! Our online and in-person art classes for adults in Leamington Spa are designed for beginners who are looking to have fun and learn some new and exciting techniques. Whether you are interested in ink, graphite portraits, soft pastels, coloured pencils, or anything in between, we have a wide range of great courses that are sure to spark your artistic imagination.

Online Art Classes: A Canvas for Your Creativity

Our adult art lessons in Leamington Spa are conducted both online and in person, providing you the flexibility to learn in a style that suits you. Choose from various courses, each tailored for beginners, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable learning experience. From the fundamentals of ink to the intricate world of portrait drawing, we’ve got your creative exploration covered.

Workshops: In-Person and Online

Dive into hands-on experiences with our workshops, available both in-person and online. These sessions offer a chance to immerse yourself in the world of art, guided by our skilled tutor Daniel, who prioritises fun, relaxation, and creativity. Our workshops are 5 hours long and include a 30-minute break.

One-to-One Sessions: Tailored Learning at Your Pace

For a more personalised touch, our one-to-one sessions provide individualised guidance. Learn at your own pace, explore your preferred medium, and receive direct feedback to enhance your skills in a supportive and relaxed environment.

No Judgement, No Competition - Just Fun Learning!

At Arty Panda, we take pride in offering a relaxing and judgement-free atmosphere for our Leamington Spa art classes for adults. We understand that creativity is a journey, not a competition. Our focus is on your enjoyment and learning, not on advanced techniques or comparisons. Simply have fun, explore your artistic side, and let your creativity flow.

Art Classes for Adults in Care: An Inclusive & Enjoyable Experience

Arty Panda extends its creativity to all by offering all-inclusive arts and craft experiences for elderly individuals and adults with learning and physical disabilities. Our pay-as-you-go art sessions, Saturday art and craft club, and care home visits bring the joy of art directly to you. Join our art group studios in Leamington Spa for a delightful and inclusive creative experience.

Unlock the Benefits of Creativity

You will surprise yourself with how quickly you are able to pick up techniques and improve your abilities! Engaging with art and using your imagination comes with a whole host of benefits, taking time out of your busy schedule to completely unwind and engage in something proactive can make you feel fantastic.Β 

Get Started!

Arty Panda is your gateway to learning fun new skills and engaging in creativity! Choose from our wide range of Leamington Spa art classes for adults; we can easily fit around your schedule, online or in person. Discover the artist within you and have a blast creating!

β€œDaniel is an incredibly skilled and patient tutor who presents well prepared lessons, giving constructive feedback and bringing out the best in his students – of all ages … If you want to begin your journey into art, or improve your skills, you could have no one better to guide you.”


Adult Workshops

Perfect for beginners, we will first introduce you to the material in a fun and exciting way with the hope that it builds up your confidence to complete a whole project.

5 hour long workshop, with 30min break. Includes art supplies and free hot drinks and biscuits for in person workshops.


One to One Art Sessions

As well as learning in group sessions, we offer a service where you can book online one-to-one sessions with your art teacher: ‘Daniel Papandreou’ who will work with you to learn and develop your art skills.

The sessions will be tailored to your ability, and it does not matter if you haven’t practised a particular art skill before. You will learn all the skills you need to know.

We look forward to seeing you at your online 121 art session soon! Β£20 per Hour.Β 


Creativity improves brain function and physical health It also reduces anxiety, sharpens your mind, and boosts your mood and your immune system. Stop thinking about everyone else – think about time out doing something you love.
β€œI have been attending Arty Panda online classes for a while now – it is genuinely one of the highlights of my week. I have gone from someone who struggled to draw a simple apple to completing portraits that actually look like the person they are meant to be.”
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